New Version of Free SMS on the App Store, v1.05

August 12, 2009

added more international support, 3 new carriers for canada, 1 carrier for the philipines, and some for the uk. need some help beta testing it from all you loyal free smsers out there, if u know somebody in the uk, please help us test those!!



Right House is coming!

March 28, 2009

Another great app from HFI will be coming in the next few week. The app is named Right House. This app will be a great tool for folks who are shopping for a new house, or are into house flipping. We’ll update the blog as we make progress.

New Suggestions Page for Free SMS

March 24, 2009

We want to know what our customers want in future updates of FreeSMS, so please take some time and comment on things you all want to see in the App!!! Click Applications->Free SMS->Suggestions…

New version of Free SMS coming soon!!!

March 24, 2009

A new version of Free SMS has been submitted to the app store.  It normally takes 4-5 days to get it approved by Apple.  So expect an update on Saturday/Sunday!  This new version will allow you to use the email account you already have setup on your iPhone or iPod.  This will allow users who use Yahoo to use the application without having to pay for a Yahoo Plus account.  It will basically create a mail message and pop it up in your mail program, you click send and off it goes!!!

Thanks to all our loyal customers, we hope you enjoy the update!

Added new page with common email settings

March 22, 2009

as we get more and more requests for support we are going to be adding more and more settings. and btw, thanks to all the users who have actually asked for help instead of just giving us a 1 star review, we really, really, really appreciate it.

Click here to see the common email providers.

Free SMS now available on the App Store

March 8, 2009

I tried to put a link on here but they don’t allow the click through links that would take you straight to the app store page for the app… bummer.

Free SMS Submitted to the App Store!

March 1, 2009

HELLLLLOOO WORLD!  Free SMS our first collaborative effort with iPhone Development has been submitted to the App Store.  It should be up for download soon!

Thanks and have fun with the free text messaging.  I know I will!