FreeSMS Reviews

Here is what some of our users are saying:

Fabulous App… even better customer support!
-What more can i say? I stumbled and bumbled my way around in the dark trying to get FreeSMS up and running until a patient and very helpful guy(thanks Matt) got me up and running. It’s so very rare that anyone would go this above and beyond but i was truly impressed. Not only that, he assisted me in correcting another iPhone issue totally unrelated to this app. Double “Thumbs Up, and thanks again Matt”!
by Bosoxx

-Followed instructions on help page and started texting.

Just ask for help guys
-When I first got this I took 5 mins to ask support on set up and now it works great and i have free texting on my ipod touch, soooo…ask for help and dont’ give 1 starts.
by Michael likes texting

Excellent support
-Program functions exactly as described. Matt was very helpful and replied promptly to help me set up the program
by chrisg313

Free SMS Rocks on my iPod Touch!!!
-I got this app for my iPod Touch and I love it! everytime i’m around wifi, which is almost all day, i can send texts and receive replies in my email! It’s sooo cool, i love it. All my friends are amazed that i can send a text message from my iPod! I would definitely recommend this app to anybody who loves to text message and especially anybody who has an iPod Touch!!!
by ashlaaayy :]

Great App
-This app works great and the customer support is fantastic Matt your the best Thanks so much
by A3bdxyp

What is wrong with these people?
-At first I couldn’t get it to work, but I emailed support and they walked me thru it within fifteen minutes of my email. It took a second to find my email settings online from my provider, after that the app has worked like a charm. I love being able to send free texts. Come on all you other reviewers, I’m a girl who knows nothing about computers and I got it to work. Contact support, they were really nice and quick to respond!!!
by Allyekat

-Didn’t understand why it wouldn’t send, but i hadn’t changed my settings. After that i was able to use it without a problem, Thanks Matt!

This one actually works as described
-I set this app up as described and it worked the first time! No jumping out to the iphone email. Very nice. Well worth the price.
by aztecprowler


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