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  1. Tim says:

    Matt, I have a question, if somebody wants to text me, and sends me a text message on my iphone it comes through the apple green SMS feature correct? Meaning they are starting the text conversation. So if i want to respond to them for free, i would have to launch FREE SMS and find their contact and send them a message. Here is my question, when they respond back to the message I just sent them using FREE SMS, will their response automatically be switched over to alert my email? Meaning it won’t come back through the apple green SMS application. Right?

    • Matt says:

      correct tim, if you start it with free sms, the reply will come back to your email, but if somebody else starts it, it will go to the green apple sms.

  2. Tod says:

    Matt, i got this app yesterday because since i don’t have a cell phone, i wanted to be able to text all of my friends. Each time i try to send a message, it says; error: cannot connect to server or cannot get mail, what’s wrong?

    • Matt says:

      The settings for aol (posting email), are on our email settings page here on the site, check them against yours


  3. Tod says:

    Thanks for answering that question, but what about when it says, cannot connect to server, what does that mean

  4. Tod says:

    it also says the connection to the server failed, what does that mean?
    thanks again

    • Matt says:

      Cannot connect to server means your settings are wrong. Connection failed prob means the same or you might wanna increase the timeout


  5. Ariel says:

    Hi Matt,

    Im using this app and im happy with it. Im just wondering if is there any chance that you can add the Philippines carrier like Globe Telecom and Smart Telecom to the list of carriers. Thanks and hope to hear from you

  6. Ariel says:

    Thanks for the reply its fast. I hope that you guys can add it.

  7. Fee says:

    What if I don’t knows the carriers service..what impact will that have

    • Matt says:

      if you don’t know the person’s carrier that you are texting, then the message will probably not go thru. you must know the person’s carrier.


  8. Randy says:

    I just purchased the app and was wondering which email account is the “best” to use with it. I have a gmail, a yahoo free, and an msn account. Thanks.

    • Matt says:

      well it depends on your own preferences randy. if your looking for push responses and don’t mind an extra button click i would do the “Use iPhone/iPod email and have yahoo as your default account on the phone. that way you get the responses to your texts “pushed” to you via yahoo. other than that, gmail and msn are about the same, no difference in preference there, they will send from within the app and not require you to jump out and send from the email app.

      hfi development

  9. Daniela says:

    I just purchased this app but it doesnt sync to my itouch because it says its not compatible !!!! whats going on please help…

    • Matt says:

      Do u have the 3.0 os on your touch? If so I know it works , I have a touch with 3.0 on it


  10. Pete says:

    Hi I have iPhone 3Gs and set up my email
    account on this software and I have also
    tried my hotmail settings but when I press send
    it’s says message sent but it does not get to
    the recipient. I have tried sending to myself
    and same problem. I am on O2 uk

    please help
    thanks pete

  11. Pete says:

    I presume you have to use the carriers network
    for example Tmobile but I can’t get the hold onto the carrier because of this bug in the software it keeps jumping back to O2 when I click send. But he is on tmobile

    • Matt says:

      you have to use the person you are texting’s network….as for the bug, there is an update on the app store to fix that crashing problem.


  12. Pete says:

    Hi Matt

    Thanks for the info I cant however seem to find the update on the App store ??


  13. Pete says:

    I think I have the latest version as I only purchased it 3 days ago ??

    • Matt says:

      So u r trying to send to tmobile uk? Try making sure that u r putting in the number as u would dial it locally in the uk, also try putting a zero in front of it.


  14. Pete says:

    Hi Matt

    No its a Virgin Mobile I can send it using your method which works but I get a Message Failed error sending message ??

  15. Pete says:

    This is what it says:

    Your message failed to send with the following error: error sending message

    Regards Pete

  16. Pete says:

    Not sure what you mean ??

    If I press the home button which I presume is the round button at the bottom of the iphone and press the power off button at the top it just switches off the phone. I have put it on the settings page when trying this so what am i doing wrong ??

  17. Pete says:

    Ok I have sent the image to you


  18. Pete says:

    Hi matt have changed the port to 25 but still not working

    • Matt says:

      Do u already have email on the phone? If so turn the use iPod/iPhone email switch to on and try that.


  19. Harry M says:

    Im having problems sending txts to vodafone UK i just get an email saying error could not send. Can you help me?

  20. Davef says:

    Hi Matt
    trying to set up the app on my wife’s iphone 3gs, the app sends the message but then all we get is a failed delivery message in her email inbox.
    sending to vodafone in the UK.

    • Matt says:

      please make sure u r using the full phone number, in the us we would call that the area code and phone number? also try putting a 0 in front of the number.


  21. Reezan kayz says:

    Is it possible for me to use this from Zimbabwe and how do I do it I’ve got an iPod and would like to send messeges to local zimbabwe cell numbers as well as numbers out of Zimbabwe , your reply would be appreciated

    • Matt says:

      you could use it from zimbabwe to send to the carriers provided in the app. i don’t think u could use it to send to zimbabwe numbers easily.


  22. hello I have purchased the app before yesterday but everytime I send a message to 0675846382 for example then it goes to the mail of a person.
    then it goes to the mail:
    it should still go through her ​​cell phone?

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