ok, so the person you are sending the message to has to text “ON” to 212. then, use O2 #2 and put a 44 in front of the number and take off the preceding 0 from the number. Replies are currently not working, we are still researching for a reason for that.



19 Responses to O2 IS WORKING

  1. Dave mcd says:

    I just bought this. My network is o2. I sent a text snd it didn’t work..don’t know why..

    • Matt says:

      I’m assuming your trying to send to someone in the uk…currently only sending to o2 and tmobile are working in the uk…what carrier are you trying to send to?


  2. bree says:

    does it cost the other person to txt 212?? and if so how much??

  3. Todd says:

    How do u text vodafone in the uk from the us?

    • Matt says:

      the vodafone customer has to be an older customer and has to have subscribed to the email to sms service that used to be offered by vodafone.


  4. jamie says:

    Hi there, found out how you can set your o2 carrier to the correct setting to send txts. You must set the port part to 587 then your user to the o2 user name…after where the email is you put your @o2.co.uk and put your password in for your user login for o2. There you go šŸ˜€

    • Matt says:

      the 587 part is a port setting for sending the msgs out, shouldn’t be able to send to anybody if that wasn’t working! but yes u can use the username for o2, thanks for your help!


  5. jamie says:

    Please find out what is the problem

  6. jamie says:

    Does it cost the other person who has 212 active?

  7. David says:

    Hello I bought this app and it doesn’t seem to be working. Any time I try to send a MSG even to myself it comes up “cannot connect to server” I have 3g or edge access can you help?


  8. Sarah says:

    Hi I bought this and am on o2 and done what your said about frying the other person to text 212 etc and it still doesn’t work can you advise what to do/ Try next!?!

  9. Kim says:

    Hello can someone please help me! I can’t get my settings correct! Is it meant to go to ur email and send from there?? Please help??

  10. Dani says:

    (E-mailing screen shot)

    Hi, I’m very confused, I test texted myself and nothing. I changed the option to use iPhone email and it sent fine… But I couldn’t reply from it… Well I did but it didn’t turn up in my email.
    Also… My friend uses the same app and she has a unique textnow email address (can you sign up for that from within the app??) her msgs come in in the SAME text msg as the test text that I sent myself and the validation code that the app sent etc, bc it all comes from the same number :s now she’s not getting my replies either! Instead of sending the reply to both (which I would NOT want for obvious reasons lol) it’s sending to neither (at least I hope it’s not going to her when it’s not meant for her! How do I make sure it doesn’t reply to the wrong person!?!).
    I’m on bell mobility in Canada she’s in the US but I’m unsure of the network. Also tried sending to my friend in the UK who is on orange but she doesn’t get them at all :/ šŸ˜¦ I need her to be able get them and reply! And the same for my Mum, vodafone, UK.

    I’ve tried sooo many apps and I really thought this was the one :/ Please Help!!

    I’m sending a screen shot to your email address

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