I need somebody that has a valid O2 number, Orange number, Vodafone number, and Virgin Mobile number AND is willing to be patient and help me to help all your brethren in the UK. Everytime i get contacted by somebody from the United Kingdom I start asking questions and all of a sudden stop getting responses. I know the app is only $1 and if it doesn’t work you didn’t lose that much, but IT’S A BIG DEAL TO ME. I don’t like getting negative reviews and I want EVERYBODY to be happy with our app. If your interested and can help me out, please email us at




  1. Ash says:

    Pretty annoyed this app doesn’t work…have access to a virgin and vodaphone handset to help

    • Matt says:

      there are conflicting reports but it looks like vodafone has turned this service off for new customers, you have to have been an existing customer with a certain service turned on to use it, and new customers can’t enable the service. i will get more info for virgin and contact you asap.


  2. bree says:

    I’m o2 and it hasn’t been working 😦 what can I do to help??

    • Matt says:

      U can send to people on o2 by following the directions on the site…we r still working on virgin, vodafone, and orange


  3. Hendrick says:

    So does that mean I cannot text new vodafone user in the uk? My frd is registered only 2 months ago.
    If not, is there a solution to texting my frd in the uk? I’m in the us California.


  4. Alex weir says:

    I’m on O2 and prepared to help you out if you want?

    • Matt says:

      O2 is working already…

      ok, so the person you are sending the message to has to text “ON” to 212. then, use O2 #2 and put a 44 in front of the number and take off the preceding 0 from the number. Replies are currently not working, we are still researching for a reason for that.

      GOOD LUCK.

  5. King says:

    It says also we can send text to the Philippines… There is no service provider from the Philippines on the choices given. Thanks…

  6. Tiffany says:

    I purchased this app today .. And it DOES NOT work. I am with orange i tried add 44 then just entering number as normal !! This app is rubbish .. All reviews are right !!

    • Matt says:


      what seems to be the problem, i know for a fact it does work, other customers have gotten it to work.


  7. Hugh Dalziel says:

    I can’t get app to work trying to send to Uk orange mobile I keep getting a return ail saying message could not be delivered.

    • Matt says:

      can you forward one of the emails to hfidevelopmentsupport@gmail dot com?


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