this will fix the error with crashing when selecting a contact! thanks,


21 Responses to FreeSMS v 1.05.1 NOW ON APP STORE

  1. Rich stevens says:

    Hi, I cannot get freesms to work in the Uk. I have anipodtouch; BT is the carrier(they piggyback the vodaphone network).
    I use the Uk mobile nos either with orwithout the “+44” prefix. I have also tried other carriers to no avail.y email inbox says failure notice. No SMS gets sentto the mobile. Any ideas please?

  2. Nicola Atkins says:

    I’m having exactly the same problem!! I’m using my gmail account in the app, and I have the settings to use my iPhone email account switched on (my iPhone uses my gmail account), and I have tried sending texts to two seperate Orange UK phone accounts and a T-Mobile one yet none of them will send and I keep getting them bounced instantly back as a failed message delivery to my email account! I have to tell you that it also seems the crash when selecting previously used contacts still seems to be evident, also….please help if you can, it’s all so frustrating! (just to clarify, I’m a UK user and am using the numbers from my contacts list, with a ‘0’ prefix, just as you’d dial them here in the UK)

    • Matt says:

      hmm, sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. is the phone number stored in your contacts as in the us it needs to have the area code and phone number(not sure of the format for the uk)??


  3. Nicola Atkins says:

    Hey, no problems about the delay in replying!

    Right, the contacts are all stored in my contacts book on my iPhone, so they are all stored with the ‘0’ prefix as is normal when dialling a UK mobile number. If you get a text from a number not stored in your phonebook, here in the UK it arrives with the +44 prefix, so I have tried sending the text with the +44 prefix, and removing the ‘0’, I’ve also tried using +44 and leaving the ‘0’ in as well, and I’ve tried sending with the number just as it appears in my phonebook, in my contacts list. None of them have sent. When I try to send texts to the Orange network and my partners number, they don’t get ‘bounced’, but then they also don’t arrive, and to every other number I’ve tried sending a text (another Orange number, an o2 number and a T-Mobile number, all UK networks), they just get bounced back. I’m on o2 UK myself, with an iPhone 3G (every UK iPhone user buys their phone on the o2 network as o2 have the exclusivity to the iPhone here…), is there an o2 setting that needs to be changed or something? I’m still using my iPhone gmail account to attempt sending the texts….:)

    • Matt says:

      Hmmm the uk carriers seem to be doing something with them, if your not getting failure back. I’ll do some more research over the weekend and see what I can find out…


  4. Paige cavey says:

    Hi. I’m having the same problem as everyone else. I have an iPhone 3g and I am on o2. I downloaded this app and it won’t let me send messages I have tried sending to orange, T-mobile, and vodaphone. All it says is that it is unable to connect to server ( or it may have been carrier). I put numbers in straight from my contact folder so they must be right. I’m slightly frustrated at the moment. Please help, many thanks.

  5. Ryan Heath says:

    hey, I have tried to send to 1 orange, 1 tmobile and 2 o2-uk carriers, and only the tmobile worked.
    I am on o2, and have tried with the several different prefixs. any help please?

    • Matt says:

      Try to put the number in as u would dial it from a landline…also what was the format u used to get tmobile to work, other users gave been having problems….

  6. Suhel uddin says:

    I have downloaded free SMS but can’t send MSG it says MSG failed unable to connect to server

    • Matt says:

      if your getting unable to connect to server, your email settings are incorrect. if you want, press the power and home button to take a screen cap when on the settings page and email it to and i’ll take a look at it.


  7. Kenny says:

    Does this work for iPod touch??

  8. Joey says:

    I need help i live in the philippines and i have smart telecom how do i set the app up to work please help thanks

    • Matt says:


      you must setup the app to use the emails settings you need to use, please see the email settings web page on our website. or you can flip the switch and use your built in email.


  9. Dean says:

    GreAt app! Is there any chance of adding the functionality of sending smses to Germany? Thanks and best regards. dean

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