Issue with Smart Telecom in v1.05

Hey all,

it appears that Smart Telecom has switched their gateway on us. There is an update already posted to the App Store, we are just waiting for Apple to approve it.

Here is a temporary work around in the mean time!

In your settings, make sure “use iphone/ipod email” is ON.

When the email window comes up, change the address from: to: and voila! it works!

thanks to Sue for pointing this out and providing the fix!!!!!!



18 Responses to Issue with Smart Telecom in v1.05

  1. awootz says:

    I thought it was free SMS in the Philippines thru smart but they only have 3 text limit per day. And you have to change the address which is very time consuming.

    • Matt says:

      There is already an update waiting for approval by apple. As for the limit, if the carrier imposes that, there isn’t anything I can do about that.


  2. Fredal says:

    Why is mine could not connect to server i was sending message to telecom and i could not connect to server pls help my eadd is

    • Matt says:

      if your getting cannot connect to server your email settings are incorrect. please check them and get back to me if you have questions.


  3. Lyn says:

    Hi i tried texting my family in philippines but nver receive the text. Pls help me.

  4. Jesse says:

    No smart option on carriers

    • Matt says:

      it is working on my iphone and my ipod touch. what kind of equipment do you have?

    • Joey says:

      I have the same problem i have a iphone 3g. My phone is jailbroken and i dont have a iphone email just a regular yahoo

    • Matt says:

      yahoo email only works when using the “use built in” email in the settings, unless you have yahoo plus which allows you to use smtp yahoo email.

  5. Jun says:

    I have iphone 3gs somehow i dont have smart option on

    • Matt says:

      I’ll look into it, people had been complaining that it didn’t show up, but it always showed on my old 3G and my new 4, I’ll look at a 3GS


  6. joey says:

    does it work its not working

  7. Neo says:

    I am on a jailbroken iPhone 4 and I have the same problem with some guys here. I’ve installed the app in hopes that I could sent some texts to smart telecom numbers, but the carrier dropdown box doesn’t include the smart telco option. Hoping for thefixes the soonest.


    • Matt says:


      every phone i have looked at has smart telecom, do you have the latest version of the app?

      hfi development

  8. joshua says:

    ibalready did the steps but i cant find the smart telecom in carriers? need help.

    what did u mean to change?the to

    • Matt says:

      your not reading the posts correctly…smart telecom is in the app, make sure you have the latest version from the app store.


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