Free SMS now available on the App Store

I tried to put a link on here but they don’t allow the click through links that would take you straight to the app store page for the app… bummer.


11 Responses to Free SMS now available on the App Store

  1. Matt Ross says:

    When I send it does not send it just says sending but it never does. Does the other phone need to have Internet? And will it cost to recive a reply?

  2. Matt says:


    Is your email provider gmail? i noticed that is where the post came from? what settings are you using? They should be:

    smtp server:
    smtp port: 465 OR 587
    timeout: 15 seconds
    password: your password
    use ssl: ON
    requires auth: ON

    also you must have POP enabled on your gmail account.

    hfi development

  3. Matt Ross says:

    what is a POP?

    • Matt says:


      login to your gmail in a web broswer, click settings in the upper right corner, and there should be a tab that says”Forwarding and POP/IMAP”, click it and make sure POP is enabled.

      hfi development

  4. Josh Gutierrez says:

    I got onto this website and corrected my settings to reflect what is posted for the gmail account. I’m able to send of the text just fine, I even receive ” Text has been sent successfully, however, I keep getting a” Mail Delivery subsystem – Delivery status notification” msg.

    Not sure what’s going on…



  5. Josh Gutierrez says:

    Now that I looked, you’re right. When I didn’t imput a full 10 digit #, that’s when it came back to me.



  6. Joe says:

    will the receiver pay for anything that they read and reply back?

    • Matt says:

      Yes the person you send the message to will pay forthat message, then if they reply, it will cost them another message, you just don’t pay for them when you start the conversation with the app


  7. Joe says:

    well, what if they having unlimited texting, do they still need to pay for it?

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